HiPeS offers the "Bricks for Brains Software Factories".

Because the old names "Prime" and "Ziggy" are still being used by the existing users, we will also mention the old names.

The following text is just a brief introduction to the Bricks for Brains Software factories.

We recommend you to visit the site for information about the Bricks for Brains Suite.


High Performance


Prime Software Factories:


All former Prime Software Factories are originally developed in cooperation with  "Achmea Zorg", a large health insurance company in the Netherlands.


Specifications are inserted and maintained with Editors that run in "Eclipse" a so called "Integrated Development Environment".


Bricks4Brains Service: - Prime -


This Software Factory generate services with the help of so called "stereo types" in a fraction of the time needed for the development of hand written services.

Bricks4Brains Screen: - Prime -


Generates complete front-end web application by generating ASP.Net pages out of specifications also in a fraction of the time needed for the development of handwritten ASP.Net applications.


Bricks4Brains Constraint: - Prime -


Constraints specified in this Software Factory, can be used for both, Services and Web applications.

So one set of specifications can be maintained and the Software Factories will generate code to use the constraints everywhere they are needed.

Bricks4Brains Webapp: - Ziggy -


Based on the ideas and a lot of the code from the Prime Software Factory for screens, the Software Factory for Single Page web applications makes it possible to create "state of the art" Web applications.

In contradiction of Prime all the Ziggy editors are build with Ziggy itself.

Bricks4Brains Navigator: - Ziggy -


With this Software Factory it is possible to consolidate information from several Applications and "navigate" with a generated Webapp trough all the consolidated information.

The Navigator is able to present "a one client overview".